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Gent ICC 16-9-2007

Organisatie: Dieter, Pieter, Stijn (Cancelled), Mark, Peter

Sunday was the national 'train-tram-bus'-day in Belgium. So our volunteers should not have had any problems reaching the fair in Ghent. However due to train problems Dieter was confronted with a delay of one hour. What seemed like a bad start turned out to be a great day. Mark and Pieter had already started setting up the place, when Dieter and Peter arrived. We had lots of material (thanks to Mark), so we were well prepared for the masses. Peter took care of the first donation, thank you very much for that Peter!

At 10 o clock the doors opened and people started visiting the fair. Pieter distributed flyers at the entrance. A little while later lots of people came to aks information at our stand. We tried to convince as much people we could. Therefor we distributed lots of cd's.

We also met lots of other linux-enthousiasts. Some of them were even prepared to help out a hand in the futur.

Overall I had a great time, and would like to thank all of the volunteers for helping out.



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