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Gent 6-5-2007

Organisatie: Dieter, Pieter, Peter (cancelled), Ismaël (cancelled)

After some minor communication-problems we started building up the fair. (Pieter and Dieter) As the doors opend hordes of people entered the ICC. We were quickly surrounded by lots of intrested people. We were speaking to 5 people at the same time to let the information transfer happen more efficient. Especially since we were two lonely Ubunturo's. Soon we gived away all our pressed Ubuntu CD's. And we had to start pressing our own. The CD-writers burned like hell. We were burning CD's with two laptop's (the one of Pieter and mine, and with my external (slow) CD-writer. Which was rather stressfull Big Grin :) Suddenly Dries appeared. He helped us a hand (thanx!).

Overal we met a lot of intresting people, lots who heard or read about it. I enjoyed myself to.

Pieter trying to hide himself (without succes).


Lot's of people were impressed by ubuntu's look and feel.


Ubuntu for only € 10. What a bargain!


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