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Name: Hannie Dumoleyn
E-mail: hannie at ubuntu-nl dot org
Launchpad: ~lafeber-dumoleyn


About myself

After my graduation at the university of Antwerp I worked for a news agency in Amsterdam until I got married and went abroad with my husband. When I returned to the Netherlands I started working for an IT training centre called Siom, where I am still active as a freelance teacher when I am in the Netherlands in the winter months. The rest of the year I live in the south of France. While working at Siom I obtained the CompTIA A+ certification, CompTIA, and the Dutch AMBI HE.0, HE.1 and HE.2 certificates (basic information science).

Me and Ubuntu

Since August 2009 I am a member of the Ubuntu Dutch Translators Team, Vertaalteam Ubuntu-nl. This team had just been revived by Cumulus007, who sadly had to quit for personal reasons. We were left with only two translators with full access to Launchpad translations. Fortunately our team is growing now, and at this moment we have nine translators, six of them with full rights.
Since the beginning of 2010 I am owner of Ubuntu Dutch Translators.
In 2010 I also became a member of the Ubuntu Manual Team. I contributed extensively to the Dutch translation of the Ubuntu Manual (Precise Pangolin) and also did the final review, after which I saw to it that the Dutch translation was published, both on the Web in PDF format and as a book. Now I also contribute to the Ubuntu Manual as an author and editor.

Me and Upstream

Apart from being a member of the Ubuntu Dutch Translators Team I also joined the following Dutch Translation Teams:
Gnome-nl / Gnome Dutch Translators
I think it is very important to have a good cooperation between Ubuntu-nl, Gnome-nl and KDE-nl as far as translations are concerned, hence my decision to join these teams as well.

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